Dear Investor:

     On behalf of the managing partners, directors, investment executives and myself, I am pleased to welcome you to World First Financial Services, Inc.
     World First Financial Services, Inc. operates under the laws and regulations as governed by the State of Delaware and under the auspices of prudent business practices as mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) and the State of New York.
     It is the primary resolve of World First Financial Services, Inc. to provide the highest standards of professional business practices and services to individual and institutional investors. Our philosophy of consistency and a fundamental belief in "old fashioned" conservative investment policies, ethics and personalized service is the hallmark for our establishing loyal client relationships.
     To solidify these philosophies, our sales, trading and operations departments are supervised by managing partners of the firm. Their chief priorities include the regulatory supervision of investment trading activities, the seeking out of value in the market place and the timely execution of government, municipal, corporate, and equity transactions.
     As a correspondent broker of Wells Fargo Clearing LLC (FCC) all client accounts are managed by World First Financial Services, Inc. and maintained by FCC. This relationship facilitates essential services to our clients. You will please note that all securities, cash, money market balances, delivery and receipt of funds and securities are maintained and the responsibility of Wells Fargo Clearing LLC. Additionally, Wells Fargo Clearing LLC will extend credit for our margin clients and perform the required maintenance on these accounts. Your confirmations and monthly or quarterly statements will be prepared by Wells Fargo Clearing LLC. We firmly believe that the execution, clearing, support services and investment products offered to you by World First Financial Services, Inc. as a correspondent of Wells Fargo Clearing LLC are the finest in the financial community. Along with the services described, FCC also provides insurance protection for all securities customers up to their net equity securities balance, including full free cash balance protection. $500,000 of this insurance is provided by SIPC, not in excess of $100,000.00 for claims relating to cash, and the remainder is provided by a leading U.S. insurance carrier.
     World First Financial Services, Inc. may direct orders on a payment for order flow basis if in it's determination order execution can be enhanced or equated by either time, size or price improvement of execution. In addition, World First Financial Services, Inc. maintains a strict policy as it pertains to the privacy of our clients. Additional details are enclosed.
     Personalized service, conservative investing philosophies combined with our efficient and professional staff has produced a "Full Service" financial organization that is totally committed to your satisfaction.
     I wish to you the greatest success and look forward to establishing a long lasting relationship.
World First Financial Services Inc.
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Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
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Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
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